Company structure

Learn about the companies that comprise The Co‑operators.

The Co‑operators Group Limited

the co-operators

The Co‑operators Group Limited is the co-operative holding company for The Co‑operators group of companies.

Co‑operators Financial Services Limited

Co-operators Financial Service Limited

Co‑operators Financial Services Limited is a Canadian holding company that consolidates all of The Co‑operators insurance, brokerage and investment management operations.

Co‑operators General Insurance Company

Co‑operators General Insurance Company provides Home, Auto, Farm and Commercial insurance through an exclusive advisor network across Canada. This network also distributes Life insurance and Wealth Management products for Co‑operators Life Insurance Company. In addition, short-term rental and event insurance is offered through the Duuo brand.

Co‑operators Life Insurance Company

Co‑operators Life Insurance Company provides Life and Health insurance, as well as Wealth Management products, to individuals and groups across Canada.

Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc.

Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc. is a member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada that distributes third party mutual funds through our exclusive agency network of offices across Canada.


CUMIS is the leading provider of insurance-related products and services to credit unions, caisses populaires and their members in Canada.

The CUMIS Group Limited

The CUMIS Group Limited has an ownership interest in Aviso Wealth, which serves the wealth management needs of clients and credit union members across the country.

The Edge Benefits Inc.

The Edge Benefits Inc. offers simplified disability insurance products to Canadians, with a focus on the self-employed marketplace.

Addenda Capital Inc.

Addenda Capital 

Addenda Capital Inc. provides discretionary investment management services to pension plans, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, governments, corporations and mutual funds, as well as the companies of The Co‑operators Group Limited. 

The Sovereign General Insurance Company

Sovereign General 

The Sovereign General Insurance Company is a trusted source of risk solutions for Canadian business.

The Premier group of companies

The Premier group of companies offers professional liability, specialty casualty, and general property coverage through a network of more than 4,000 brokers in Canada and the US.


Technicost provides credit software solutions, including Loan Origination Systems (LOS) to credit unions across Canada.

Federated Agencies Limited

Federated Agencies Limited collaborates with strategic business partners to provide the best Personal, Commercial and Financial Services products available.

HB Group Insurance Management Ltd. and COSECO Insurance Company

HB Group Coseco

HB Group Insurance Management Ltd. and COSECO Insurance Company offer Auto and Home insurance products through three contact centres to employer groups, affinity groups, associations and credit union members. Business developed by HB Group is primarily insured by COSECO.

The Co‑operators Group Limited
  • The Co-operators Group Limited

    • Co-operators Financial Services Limited

      • Addenda Capital Inc. (92.16%)

      • Co-operators General Insurance Company

        • The Sovereign General Insurance Company
        • COSECO Insurance Company
        • CUMIS General Insurance Company
      • Co-operators Life Insurance Company

        • CUMIS Services Incorporated
          • CUMIS Life Insurance Company
        • The CUMIS Group Limited (72.99%)
          • CU CUMIS Wealth Holdings LP (33.33%)
        • AZGA Service Canada Inc. (45.00%)
      • Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc.

      • Federated Agencies Limited

        • HB Group Insurance Management Ltd.
        • UNIFED Insurance Brokers Limited
      • Premier Managers Holdings Corporation

      • The Edge Benefits Inc. (80.99%)

      • Les Systèmes de gestion Technicost Inc.

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