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Live well

Live a healthy lifestyle

Stay healthy at home

From online fitness classes to taking an evening stroll, there are many fun ways to keep physically and mentally fit in and around your home. Check out these 6 tips for staying healthy at home.

Easy ways to live a more sustainable life

Embed these sustainability tips into your lifestyle. You’ll contribute to the environmental, social and financial resiliency of our communities, and save money along the way.

Sleep better and improve productivity

Many of us struggle with how to get a good sleep. Making these small changes can go a long way to improving your sleeping habits.

Declutter your living spaces for a healthier lifestyle

Your environment, whether it’s your home, workspace or car, directly affects your health. Use these tips to organize your living spaces to reduce stress and improve your well-being.

Live well at work

9 ways to reduce work stress

In our fast-paced world, finding a stress-free job is nearly impossible. But there are simple strategies you can take to reduce stress and feel great at work.

5 ways to stay active at work

Just because you sit all day at the office doesn’t mean you can’t add movement to your work routine. Get me moving!

Financial health and well-being

5 steps to reach your savings goals

What are you saving for? Whether it’s travel, retirement, a rainy day, or a little of each, here’s how to reach your goals.

Save on holiday spending

Reduce the stress of holiday spending with these tips to cut back and save.