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Paperless Delivery Terms and Conditions

The following Terms apply to the paperless delivery of Documents to You by Co-operators.

1. Definitions

The capitalized words and phrases used throughout these Terms have the following meanings:

“Documents” means all documents relating to Your insurance policies with Co-operators, including, but not limited to, insurance policies, renewal offers, policy and renewal packages, amendments and other notices relating to Your insurance policies, billing invoices and statements, liability slips/pink slips/proofs of insurance, and, where permitted by law, notices of termination or non-renewal.

“Online Services” means the online services portal provided by Co-operators, which can be accessed over the internet at or through Co-operators mobile application.

“Terms” means these paperless delivery terms and conditions.

"Co-operators" means Co-operators General Insurance Company.

"You" and "Your" means the individual who has agreed to these Terms.

2. Paperless Delivery

You have consented to the paperless delivery of all Documents from Co-operators through Your Online Services account. Co-operators will, except as described in Section 5 below, deliver all Documents electronically to You by making such Documents available to You through Your Online Services account, and by notifying You by email that such Documents are available. Co-operators will no longer send Documents to You in paper form, including by mail, except as described in Section 5 below. This includes, but is not limited to, any policy termination notices that may be sent to You by Co-operators.

3. Your obligations

    You must:

  1. promptly review each Document made available to You through Your Online Services account following your receipt of an email notification from Co-operators;
  2. ensure that the email address that You provide to Co-operators for notification purposes is accurate and up to date;
  3. check Your email account on a daily basis for email notifications from Co-operators;
  4. ensure that email notifications from Co-operators are not caught by spam, junk mail or other filters that may be applicable to Your email account;
  5. ensure You have the required hardware and software to access Your Online Services account, which requirements may change from time to time;
  6. print any Document delivered to you electronically through Your Online Services account which You are instructed to print for proof of insurance purposes in accordance with the instructions provided by Co-operators; and
  7. contact Co-operators immediately if access to Your Online Services account has been restricted or denied and You cannot access or view Your Documents.

4. Emails

You acknowledge that email notifications sent by Co-operators are not encrypted and may include Your name and certain policy details. You agree that you are solely responsible for the integrity, security and management of Your email account, and that Co-operators is not responsible or liable for lost emails, emails that cannot be delivered to You through no fault of Co-operators, or emails intercepted by or accessed by third parties.

5. Delivery
  1. Documents are deemed to be delivered to You by Co-operators when they are made available in Your Online Services account and an email notification has been sent by Co-operators to the email address You provide – not on the day You view the Document.
  2. Co-operators may at any time deliver Documents to You in paper format by mail, personal delivery and other means, even though you have consented to paperless delivery. Co-operators may do so for any reason, including where required by law. Any paper delivery will be provided to You at the most current mailing address on file for You.
6. Revoking Consent

You can revoke Your consent to the electronic delivery of Documents at any time by accessing your Online Services account and changing your delivery preference to paper delivery. From the time you close your Online Services account onward, paper copies of Documents will be sent to you at the last mailing address you provided. While your revocation is being processed, You may continue to receive Documents electronically and you agree to continue to comply with these Paperless Terms and Conditions during that time. If You want to keep a copy of Documents that were delivered to You through Your Online Services account, You must download or print such Documents before you close your account.

7. Availability

Documents delivered to You through Your Online Services account will be available for a minimum of 18 months, provided your Online Services account remains open and active during that time. If You want to keep a permanent copy of Documents delivered to You through Your Online Services account, You must download or print such Documents.

8. General

These Terms will be available to You through Your Online Services account. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to revise these Terms at any time. Your continuing participation in our paperless delivery program after notification of these changes will constitute Your acceptance of these changes.

You agree that Co-operators has no responsibility and will not be liable for any consequences related to your failure to comply with any of Your obligations under these Terms.