Fund Performance 

Your group retirement plan investments are headed by experts from an impressive array of the best investment management firms in the business.

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Interest rate options

Similar to GICs found at a bank, The Co-operators interest rate options allow a fixed interest rate to be locked in for a set period. If you have a lower risk tolerance and your primary concern is preservation of capital, a Variable or Guaranteed Rate Option may be the right choice. These investments are also an excellent addition to any portfolio as a short-term savings tool.

Guaranteed Rate Option (GRO)

The GRO allows you to choose a fixed period of up to five years, during which the interest rate is guaranteed for the length of the term and compounded annually.

The GRO interest rates at September 15, 2021 are:

1 Year Term is 0.025%

3 Year Term is 0.450%

5 Year Term is 0.825%

(Note: Rates subject to change at any time)

Variable Rate Option (VRO)

The VRO ensures that your plan keeps pace with current interest rates. Because these rates may change as often as daily, interest is credited each day.

The VRO interest rate at September 15, 2021 is 0.025%

(Note: Rate subject to change at any time)