Getting married?

Congratulations! This is an exciting and romantic time for you both. You’re busy making plans and seeing to the details of creating your perfect day. A lot of careful thought goes into the attire, the food, the flowers and, of course, the honeymoon.

Time for just the two of you

You will remember your wedding day and honeymoon for the rest of your life. When you escape to enjoy time for just the two of you, you wouldn’t want anything to spoil the mood. No one wants to have a medical emergency while on vacation, but in a world where anything can happen, travel insurance is absolutely essential to make sure you’re covered. If you get sick or injured, government insurance plans will only pay a small fraction of your out-of-country medical expenses.

After the honeymoon

When the ring of the wedding bells subsides, it’s time to turn your attention to your future together as a married couple. There is so much to look forward to and so much planning to do.

If you plan to purchase a house in the near future, you’ll be considering the location and the style of house that will become your home. You’ll be choosing furnishings, paint colours and window coverings. As your first home together, it will have special meaning to you.

Whether it’s a condominium, a townhouse or a single-family dwelling, buying any house is a significant investment, you want to make sure you protect it with the right home insurance. Along with home insurance, you’ll want to consider the comprehensive mortgage insurance that you can get from an insurance company. Your Co-operators Financial Advisor can help you get the coverage you need to protect your property and all your personal belongings in the event of a fire, a flood or a burglary.

Planning for the future

As you look forward to a long and happy life together, it’s also smart to consider ways to protect each other and to ensure that you will be financially secure in your later years.

As a couple, you share your lives together and your dreams for the future. That includes your plans for your retirement. Your Co-operators Financial Advisor can help you start a retirement plan that will help you realize those dreams. Our investment options will help you meet your savings goals and enjoy your retirement just the way you planned. In the event that something unexpected was to happen to your spouse, life insurance is something you may want to consider, and is especially important if you plan to start a family.

Planning for your financial future can be overwhelming. By booking an appointment with your Financial Advisor, for a free financial needs analysis, you can get advice on which product best suits your needs.