Cozy up to a comfortable retirement

What are your plans for retirement? Do you have visions of travelling the globe or enjoying a quiet life of leisure? The face of retirement is changing. With the elimination of a mandatory retirement age in many provinces, many people are choosing to work longer. Higher life expectancies also mean some people need to work a bit longer to pay off debts and feel financially secure. Many others are choosing to phase into retirement by working part time or taking freelance opportunities.

Some people are finding that the current economic climate may leave them a bit short of funds when it comes time to retire. At The Co-operators, we can work with you to create a plan that suits your unique retirement goals.

Striking a balance

The Co-operators Versatile Portoflios™ segregated funds are designed to minimize the risk of volatile markets. They offer an excellent alternative to conventional mutual funds. Like their mutual fund counterparts, segregated fund portfolios offer a range of investment objectives and categories of assets, including equities, bonds and balanced funds. However, the portfolios also come with some unique benefits including guarantees on principal, death benefits, protection from creditors and many others. 

Check out our online investment tools to calculate your retirement needs or talk to your Co-operators Financial Advisor.