Got travel plans? Make sure you’ve packed travel insurance

Whether you choose to have cocoa in a ski chalet or lounge by a pool in the tropics, make the most of your time off by planning ahead. Here are some tips for having a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Prepare for unexpected detours

One of the best ways to ensure a worry-free holiday is to be prepared for any possibility with travel insurance. Unexpected emergency medical treatment is the single most expensive hidden cost you could get hit with the next time you travel.

Start a vacation fund and set a budget

Your well-deserved break doesn’t have to include breaking the bank. Prevent a large, post-trip debt by setting aside a small portion of your savings each month. If you’re traveling with friends or your children, share your budget rules so expectations are set prior to jetting off.

Do your research

Visit a reputable travel agency or online retailer for professional advice and service to avoid unwelcome surprises. Look through travel magazines, turn to social media to read traveller reviews and visit the Canadian Foreign Affairs website for the latest travel advisories.

Get your documents in order

Before you and your family take off, review all of your travel documents and ensure your passports are still valid. If you’re planning to drive in a foreign country, find out if you need an International Driving Permit or international proof of insurance. You might also want to talk to your doctor to make sure your immunizations are up to date. Some locations, like Cuba, require all foreign travelers to carry a valid medical travel insurance policy to enter the country.

Packing tips

Keep your airline’s luggage weight limits in mind when you’re deciding what you need to bring on board. Print out this handy packing checklist and check out some helpful packing tips.

If you have to cancel your trip because of an accident, illness or injury to yourself, a family member or travelling companion, lose your job through no fault of your own, or catch up with your flight due to weather conditions or natural disasters, you will be covered with travel insurance. Get a free travel insurance quote today.