Guarantee your investments

When it comes to feeling secure with your investment choices, The Co-operators Versatile Portfolios offer a unique combination of assurance and expertise.

Just like mutual funds, Versatile Portfolios segregated funds are invested in stocks, bonds and other investments selected by some of the world’s best investment managers. However, they differ dramatically in that segregated funds guarantee all or most of your principal investment upon maturity or death, while mutual funds usually have no guarantees at all.

You can also convert any money you have accumulated in a segregated fund into a lifetime annuity, which guarantees an income for as long as you live.

In case of death, 100% of the money you put in segregated funds before age 75 is guaranteed plus 75% of the money you put in after age 75. This is reduced proportionally by any withdrawals you make.

A choice for every type of investor

To make it easier to decide which investment option is right for you, Versatile Portfolios are arranged according to risk level, from very conservative to very aggressive. You can use our Investor Profile Questionnaire to determine your investment comfort level, or you can discuss your needs with an agent. Whatever funds you select, they are available as both registered and non-registered accounts.

  • Registered accounts include RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs and TFSAs.
  • Non-registered accounts are recommended when you have maxed out your RRSP and TFSA contributions.

Segregated funds are only available from life insurance companies. They get their name from the fact that their assets are held separately from the general assets of the company. While the value of the funds fluctuate with the market, your principal investment always has a guarantee at maturity or death.

Security and excellent growth potential

When your principal has a guarantee and your investments have been expertly chosen, it’s a lot easier to deal with changes in the market. With so many benefits, you’ll understand why The Co-operators is the right choice to help you reach your investment goals. Versatile Portfolios truly offers safe, smart, and simple solutions for secure growth.