Clients say e-Alerts help prevent storm damage

Ice storms, record-low temperatures, record-high snowfalls, lengthy power outages, long waits at airports, and gusting winds: we braved it all this winter in true Canadian style.

With each report of severe weather, we sent e-Alerts to those of you in areas exposed to significant safety risks or property damage. Along with early warnings, these emails included tips on how to keep damage to a minimum. We even heard from several of our clients who benefitted from the e-Alerts.

Rahul and Mahtab Narsimhan were on holiday in Iceland over the Christmas season when they received our e-Alert about the ice storm in Toronto. They hadn’t heard the weather reports, but when Rahul got our e-Alert, he called his neighbor back home and made arrangements to prevent damage to his property.

“From then on we were monitoring the situation carefully even as Toronto lost power and was transformed into an ice land," Rahul wrote us when he returned to his damage-free home. “We were able to enjoy our vacation knowing that we would not be coming back to disaster and a huge expense. A sincere thank you for ‘Co-operation’ that really counts.”

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