Take stock of your belongings

If you had to make a home insurance claim, would you be able to list all of your possessions, down to the make, model number and value? An accurate, up-to-date inventory of your home contents is easy to do, and will make your claims experience a lot more manageable. It will also help us ensure you have the right coverage for the value of your contents.

Taking inventory is simple:

  • Walk through each room in your home, including the garage and patio, and make a list of your belongings. Check out our easy-to-use Inventory Log Sheet, or visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website for their free “Know Your Stuff” inventory software.
  • Take pictures of each item as you go, or use a video camera and verbally describe the items.
  • Keep copies of important documents, including receipts and serial numbers with the inventory, and store everything in a safety deposit box or other safe place away from the house.

Your local Financial Advisor can also work with you to identify your home insurance needs and choose the best options. An annual policy review will make sure you’re covered for the full value of your home and contents.