Preventing slip and falls

Top tips for preventing slips and falls

Whether you own a home or business, you have certain legal responsibilities and an obligation to ensure that anyone on your property is reasonably safe.

Much like parents would babyproof their home, you must take the time to carefully inspect your property for potential slip and fall hazards.

Follow these tips to prevent injuries:

  • Keep up with snow and ice removal on and around your property.

  • Make sure there’s enough lighting, especially in stairwells.

  • Repair or replace loose or missing handrails.

  • Smooth out damaged or uneven surfaces in parking areas, walkways or steps.

  • Repair or replace damaged floor coverings, such as loose tiles or ripped carpet.

  • Keep washroom areas and decks around hot tubs or pools clean and dry.

Inspect your property regularly and keep up with maintenance to prevent injuries. Learn more about liability insurance from The Co-operators.