Fight fires faster with a home sprinkler system

You may be used to seeing fire sprinklers in your workplace and other public buildings, but have you ever considered having them installed if you are building a new home? Investing in a home sprinkler system is a proven way to save lives and minimize damage.

Quick response is the key

Fires usually start small, but conditions can get out of hand within as little as two minutes from the first sign of a smoke detector alarm being triggered. However, it often takes firefighters up to 10 minutes to arrive on scene. By that time, fires can cause considerable damage, especially due to the amount of foam and plastics found in our furnishings that are extremely flammable. When caught soon enough and fought immediately with a sprinkler system, it takes very little water to get a fire under control. See the difference a sprinkler system can make.

Is a sprinkler system right for your home?

Here are some facts you should know about home fire sprinkler systems:

  • They’re less harmful to the environment because they reduce fire damage by up to 97% and water damage by up to 90%.
  • Sprinklers do not go off accidentally. Each device is triggered individually by the heat from a real fire directly below it.
  • Fatalities due to fire in a home are significantly reduced when there is a properly installed and functional sprinkler system. In fact, since sprinklers became mandatory in Vancouver over 20 years ago, the city has experienced no accidental fire deaths in a home protected by properly installed and functioning sprinklers.
  • The average insurance claim in a home fire where there is a sprinkler is $1,000; when there is no sprinkler system, the average is $15,000.

Partners in fire safety

The Co-operators is partnering with the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) to support its Home Fire Sprinkler Program. In the United States, the HFSC sponsored a national program to install fire sprinklers in new houses and work with organizations that build homes for low-income families, such as Habitat for Humanity, or other high-risk individuals. As members of HFSC Canada, The Co-operators hopes to help make this program national in our country.