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Sprinkler systems integrating into residential homes

The Co-operators partnered with Townwood Homes and Vaughan Fire Rescue Service on June 6th, 2013 to host a side-by-side burn demonstration.

Townwood Homes announced at the event that their standard house inclusions for their upcoming builds will now include fire sprinkler systems and garage heat detectors. They are the first production builder in Ontario to implement such important public safety initiatives.

Fifteen percent of home fires last year began in the garage. To provide early detection, garage heat detectors will be installed and connected to the in-home smoke alarm system in the 136 townhomes and six semi-detached homes in Townwood’s newest Vaughan community. Automated fire sprinklers will be present in every room to control fires in all corners of the home.

Fire sprinklers save lives AND save on insurance

As part of its ongoing efforts to advocate for the installation of fire sprinklers in residences, The Co-operators introduced a homeowners’ insurance discount for homes with the life-saving feature. Clients of Co-operators General Insurance Company whose homes are protected by automatic fire sprinkler systems may be eligible for a discount of ten per cent.

Coalition wants change to building code

In October 2012 a live side-by-side burn was organized in Keswick, Ontario. It was held just across the street from the first Habitat for Humanity homes in York region constructed using fire resistant materials and equipped with fire sprinklers, thanks to a sponsorship by The Co-operators and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

Also in attendance were the owners of the new homes who received gift bags from Co-operators Advisor Diane Stricker which contained lifesaving items such as fire blankets, fire extinguishers and flashlights.

The live demonstration brought together a coalition that wants to make their communities a safe environment, as well as those who are advocating for changes to the Ontario Building Code making residential sprinklers mandatory for new builds in the province.

Three-year fire sprinkler research study launched

In May of 2012 we launched a co-research partnership with Sunnybrook Hospital Office for Injury Prevention, which also included a side-by-side burn. Over the next three years, researchers will be looking at current literature and up-to-date statistics regarding fires and their associated costs to homeowners, insurance companies, fire services and society as a whole. The research will focus on Canada, but also extend to other parts of the world to find best practices.
The study is sponsored by The Co-operators, Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA), Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC)The Fire Marshals Public Fire Safety Council (FMPFSC) and the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association (OMFPOA).

Watch coverage of the event.

Let's spread the word on fires that spread!

In 2011 we partnered with Guelph’s Emergency Services to host a live side-by side burn demonstration. It was an important step in our efforts to advocate for the mandatory installation of fire sprinklers in new residential homes.

Captured on video you can see the side-by-side burn of two identical rooms: one with sprinklers and the other without. You can see how quickly a modern content fire grows out of control, and how quickly sprinklers can extinguish fires and limit damage. And, more importantly, save lives.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, sprinklers reduce fire-related deaths and injuries by 80 per cent, and reduce damage by 71 per cent. With fires killing 400 people in Canada each year and many more being seriously injured, sprinklers can make a huge difference.

The Co-operators is at the forefront of fire sprinkler safety advocacy in Canada. As an insurance company, we deal on a regular basis with the tragic results of fires. As such we are committed to the promotion and use of fire sprinklers and the important role they play in protecting lives.