Why are home fire sprinklers important?

The Co-operators is at the forefront of home fire sprinkler safety advocacy and promotion of fire safety in Canada.

As part of this commitment, The Co-operators is an advocate for the mandatory installation of fire sprinklers in new residential homes and believes that fire sprinklers play an important role in protecting people.

We have worked closely with various organizations to develop research, build awareness and mandate change in this area. These groups include:

Our goal is to raise awareness through client education and enhanced advocacy. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports there is an 80% reduction in both fire deaths and fire-related injuries when sprinklers are present.
  • Today’s home contents burn hotter, faster and are more toxic; this combination leads to conditions becoming fatal within two minutes of a smoke detector sounding.
  • Damage is 71% less when sprinklers are in use compared to an equivalent unit without sprinklers.
  • Fire sprinklers are less harmful to the environment by reducing fire and water damage.
  • There has never been a fatality in a home that has properly installed and functional fire sprinklers.

The Co-operators partnered with Guelph's Emergency Services to host a live side-by-side burn demonstration. It was an important step in our efforts to advocate for the mandatory installation of fire sprinklers in new residential homes. Check out the video.

We'd be happy to tell you what's new with sprinklers, as well as to address some of the myths and questions surrounding their function and use.

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