Staying safe at work

Safety is important in any workplace. Take a walk around your office and look for potential danger zones.

  • Keep a well stocked first aid kit in plain sight. If you have a large office, place several kits throughout. Ensure that someone on your staff is trained in first aid.
  • Create an emergency action plan that outlines emergency exits and safe meeting places.
  • Identify staff who may need extra help in an emergency and involve them in planning ahead for their safety.
  • Prevent tripping accidents by checking that aisles and walkways are clear, the lighting is bright enough, and wires are tucked away.
  • Promote fire safety by identifying potential fire hazards in your office and by training staff on how to use fire extinguishers.
  • Avoid injuries by storing items safely. Place heavier items lower to the ground, and distribute weight evenly in cabinets and on shelves. Keep a step ladder handy for reaching higher shelves.
  • Help reduce back pain and repetitive strain injuries by making sure desk chairs are adjusted properly and computer monitors are at the right height for each user.
  • Lock all valuables in a safe place and secure laptops to desks.
  • Keep filing cabinet drawers closed when not in use. Only open one drawer at a time to prevent cabinets from tipping over.