Protection against water damage for your business

Water damage is a very common claim, and it can be an expensive one. Here are some ways that you can prevent water damage in your business.

Prevent burst pipes

Always keep the heat on in the winter, even when you aren't there. This will keep pipes from bursting.

Keep valuable contents and stock protected

If you have a water pipe running through any part of your retail space or warehouse, keep stock stored away from it.

Check for leaks around windows and doors

If you find leaks, hire a contractor to make sure your windows and doors are well sealed.

Inspect fire sprinkler systems

Have them inspected regularly to ensure that they will only go on when needed, and pipes aren't leaking.

Service HVAC equipment

If not regularly serviced, pipes and other components in the system can leak and make the working environment more humid than it should be, which may give rise to other problems like mould.

Have your roof checked regularly

If you own your property, make sure you replace or repair your roof as needed. If you are leasing, ask the landlord for a maintenance schedule to make sure they are staying on top of their roof maintenance.

Locate all shut-off valves

Make sure you and your key employees know where all of your shut-off valves are so you can shut off water at a moment's notice if a pipe bursts.