Tips for young drivers

Know any teenagers hopping behind the wheel for the first time? Their excitement probably matches their parents’ nervousness. Help the young drivers in your life get off to a safe start by sharing these tips with them.

  • Have your young driver successfully complete an approved driver training course that includes both classroom and practical testing.
  • Take them for practice driving sessions in various weather conditions.
  • Ask them to leave a note outlining the route they'll be taking and an approximate time of when they'll be home. If your teen doesn't return home, and you have a map of their route, then you can easily retrace where they have gone. If the car has broken down, you'll know where to find them.
  • Warn them about the dangers of drinking and driving. Even if you think they've heard it all before, it's wise to remind your teen not to drink and drive.
  • Teach them about the consequences of road rage. Being rude to other drivers could lead to serious confrontations the young driver does not expect.
  • Make sure the young driver always has extra money or an auto club card when driving alone. If the vehicle breaks down and they need to call a tow truck, or they've been drinking and they need to take a cab, they should never be without cash or the resources to get home safely.
  • Remind young drivers not to use cell phones while driving. A cell phone is a great safety feature to have if they run into trouble, but teach your teen to use them responsibly.