Fair-weather driving tips

It’s no coincidence that National Road Safety week happens in May, before drivers begin travelling longer distances and more often. Here are some tips to stay safe.

Get a pre-season check
If you’re planning to travel long distances this season, get a vehicle inspection and safety check. Your mechanic will check the tires, top up the fluids, replace damaged belts, clean battery cables and add clean air filters to keep your car running efficiently.

Lose the lead foot
The chances of damaging your car or getting hurt increase with your speed, so resist the urge to speed down those highways. Sticking to the speed limit and avoiding sudden braking and quick starts also saves gas!

Steer clear of large puddles
Driving through large puddles can cause your vehicle to hydroplane and reduce the effectiveness of your brakes.

Watch for bumps and dips
Driving over potholes can throw your alignment and suspension off and damage your tires if you speed over them. If you can’t avoid a pothole, slow down as much as possible, release the brake and roll over it carefully. Keep in mind that internal damage can lead to tire failure later; if your car starts to pull to one side after you hit a pothole, have it inspected.

Avoid distractions
Keep an eye on your surroundings as you drive: watch out for joggers, pedestrians, animals, bicycles and motorcycles. Check your blind spots and don’t assume someone will see you first, especially if it’s raining or foggy.