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Stop water damage before it starts.

As Canadians, we’ve experienced first-hand how the effects of frequent, extreme weather can lead to sudden water damage. It’s the number one cause of home insurance claims.

Where is all this water coming from?

Whether there’s a severe storm in your area or an issue with your municipal sewer system, there are several ways water can suddenly get into your home.

  • Sewer and water backup: With sudden snowmelts or heavy rain, sewer systems and catch basins can fill too quickly or get blocked, causing overflow onto your street or your property.
  • Flooding: If you live near a creek, river or lake, the water levels can change suddenly when snow melts or severe storms hit.
  • Surface water: The buildup of water caused by extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall, fast snow melts, and when extreme storms bring more water than the drains can handle.
  • Rising of the water table: This is when an underground area is full of water that then rises to the surface. Underground water can also cause damage by putting pressure on sidewalks, driveways, foundations, walls and floors, causing leaks or sudden breaks.

Flood safety: before, during and after

Learn the best way to protect your home and family from the effects of flooding and reduce potential damage to your property.

Learn more about how to stop water damage

Learn more about how to stop water damage to your home by visiting water.cooperators.ca. Take a quick quiz to determine the water risk in your area and get tips to prevent and recover from damage.