Don’t drive away without auto insurance

When you buy a vehicle, make sure you have it insured before you drive it off the lot. Your dealer’s insurance doesn’t cover your new car once you complete the purchase. In most cases, car dealerships require you to have your own insurance before you leave their lot, especially if you’re leasing or financing the vehicle.

In some provinces, you have 14 days to let your insurance company know that you have a new vehicle, but that doesn’t guarantee you will have comprehensive and/or collision coverage. To ensure you have coverage for physical damages from an accident, contact us before you drive your new car off the lot.

Driving without insurance can lead to heavy fines. In some cases, you may have your licence suspended and your vehicle impounded, in addition to the cost of any accidents. It can also affect your ability to get insurance in the future; for example, a conviction may mean you’re only eligible for insurance through the more expensive Facility Association, depending on your province or territory.

Also, remember that you can’t transfer your insurance from your old vehicle to your new vehicle by simply switching the licence plate. Your policy will only stay in effect if you make the proper arrangements with us to modify your policy.