The Co-operators Member Benefits Program

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The Co-operators has over 70 years of history as a co-operative and as a Canadian insurer. Our member organizations are comprised of co-operatives and credit union centrals from across the country representing a variety of sectors. We provide advice and advocacy guided by our co-operative principles and values. By taking a long-term view of business and relationships, and putting people first, we focus on meeting the evolving needs of Canadian communities, the co-operative sector, their members, and our clients.

We’re pleased to work with our participating member organizations to offer a Member Benefits Program that gives individual members belonging to those organizations, access to personalized coverage and savings.

If you’re a member of any of the member organizations listed below, you have access to personalized coverage and savings as part of The Co-operators Member Benefits Program!

What’s offered in the Member Benefits Program1?

Through our relationships with our member organizations, we’re able to provide you with value-added coverage and savings to meet your insurance needs. Here are some highlights of the types of insurance coverage and savings that may be available to you:

  • Enhanced Home coverage – Additional coverage is provided at a reduced cost through free or discounted endorsements. For example, the Claims Forgiveness for Members is a free endorsement automatically added to all eligible Home policies and gives you peace of mind knowing in the event you need to make a claim with us, your first claim will have no impact to your premium or insurability.
  • Enhanced Farm coverage2– This optional Farm endorsement is available to members and contains more than 30 different coverages at a nominal cost.
  • Member Benefits Program: Farm and Home discount – Receive a base rate discount of 5% on your eligible Farm and/or Home insurance.
  • Assistance for executors/estate trustees: Executor EASE3– Members who need assistance in administering an estate can participate in a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a personal trust consultant and select only the services they require, whether the estate is simple or complex. An exclusive offer is available when members hire our partner for estate and trust services.
  • Savings on Travel insurance4– Benefit from a rate of 10% less than the regular rate.
  • Auto insurance – Receive a base rate discount5 depending on your province of residence.

We’re here to help

The above list is just part of what The Co-operators Member Benefits Program offers. To understand how our members can get more through the Members Benefit Program, contact your local Co-operators Financial Advisor today!