Carbon Footprint Reporting

Climate-related risk and the complex environmental, social and economic challenges that come with it are impacting our company, clients and communities. To demonstrate our commitment to climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship, we are working to become carbon neutral equivalent by 2020.

How we achieved the 80% net reduction in 2019

We made initial reductions in our carbon footprint through internal efficiencies and purchases of renewable-energy certificates (through Bullfrog Power®). In recent years, we’ve also achieved additional reductions through innovative initiatives, including a program that allows Financial Advisors to make their offices carbon neutral, as well as our partnership with Compugen’s CarbonBank™ program, which generates carbon offsets through the refurbishment of end-of-life I.T. equipment.

Our Carbon Footprint
  • Internal reductions: 5,697 tCO2e (24%)
  • Reductions due to electrical grid emission factors: 3,709 tCO2e (16%)
  • Corporate Bullfrog Power®: 4,023 tCO2e (17%)
  • Financial Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program: 4,845 tCO2e (21%)
  • Compugen’s CarbonBank™ program: 439 tCO2e (2%)
  • Remaining emissions: 4,640 tCO2e (20%)
Our Carbon Footprint per year
Tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2010, 2017, 2018 and 2019
Year Tonnes CO2
2010 23,353
2017 13,644
2018 13,613
2019 13,947
Our Carbon Footprint per year
Tonnes of CO2 emissions per employee. With Bullfrog Power® renewable energy certificates, the Financial Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program and Compugen’s CarbonBank™ program included, emissions per employee dropped to 0.7 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2019.
Year Tonnes CO2 per employee
2010 4.7
2017 2.7
2018 2.5
2019 2.2

For more information about our carbon footprint: Energy consumption and carbon emission inventory.