Carbon Footprint Reporting

Climate-related risk and the complex environmental, social and economic challenges that come with it are impacting our company, clients and communities. To demonstrate our commitment to climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship, we are working to become carbon neutral equivalent by 2020.

We have reduced our carbon emissions by 81 per cent through energy retrofits, space consolidation, vehicle fleet size, and impact reductions and renewable energy credits and offsets.

  • We support Financial Advisors becoming carbon neutral. Ninety-seven per cent of our 560 Financial Advisor offices are bullfrogpowered® and carbon neutral.
  • We are working across departments to innovate work processes and operations to lower our environmental footprint. In collaboration with our Sustainability & Citizenship department, our Information Technology (IT) department identified an opportunity for the company to participate in Compugen’s CarbonBank program, where IT equipment (such as laptops, desktops and printers) slated for upgrade is refurbished to be repurposed. Carbon credits are then generated through avoidance of emissions associated with both the traditional e-waste recycling process and the manufacturing of new IT equipment. This program contributed 282 tonnes in offsets.
Our Carbon Footprint

For more information about our carbon footprint: Energy consumption and carbon emission inventory.