Our carbon footprint

Climate change presents some of the biggest challenges to value creation in the short and long-term for our clients, communities and our organization. To demonstrate our commitment to a low-carbon future, we’ve made significant reductions to our relatively small emissions footprint, with a goal to be carbon neutral equivalent by 2020.

We have reduced our net emissions by 72 per cent (from 2010 levels), the result of a two-part approach to reducing our carbon impacts:

Utilizing a traditional approach: Prior to 2016, we focused our carbon reduction efforts inwardly, through energy efficiency building retrofits, space consolidation initiatives, a smaller and more efficient vehicle fleet, and reducing business travel when possible. The purchase of renewable energy credits through Bullfrog Power for some of our corporate offices further offset our emissions. These initiatives are ongoing and have reduced carbon emissions by over 50 per cent.

Launching a financial advisor Carbon Neutrality Program: Starting in 2016, we engaged our financial advisor network to become bullfrogpowered® and carbon neutral. Over 90 per cent of financial advisor offices are enrolled in this voluntary, corporate-funded program. Through this, we enable financial advisors (who are independent, self-employed and exclusively representing The Co-operators) to visibly demonstrate their commitment to reducing emissions, while creating a platform to engage Canadians in conversations related to sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy. This non-traditional, externally-focused approach moves us closer to our 2020 carbon neutral equivalent target.

For more information about our carbon footprint, see page 35 of our 2016 Integrated Annual Report and the Carbon Emission Inventory appendix.