Our carbon footprint

The increased volatility of a changing climate poses many risks and complex environmental, social and economic challenges that impact our company, clients and communities. It also offers opportunities for us to serve the changing needs of our clients, members and communities. We are committed to being carbon neutral equivalent by 2020, demonstrating that our company can be profitable while minimizing its environmental impact to help mitigate the risk of catastrophic climate change.

To date, The Co-operators has reduced its emissions by 81 per cent from 2010 levels. We believe that progress towards our 2020 target of carbon neutral equivalency, alongside solid financial performance, sends a strong signal in support of the low-carbon economy. We’ve achieved reductions to date through an innovative approach and two areas of focus:

  • Emission reductions in our operations and renewable energy credits. We first focused on energy efficiency retrofits, space consolidation initiatives, and a smaller and more efficient vehicle fleet. We also purchased renewable energy credits through Bullfrog Power for some of our corporate offices. These initial efforts reduced our carbon footprint by approximately 50 per cent.
  • Financial Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program. With over 500 independent Financial Advisor offices across the country, we saw an opportunity to further reduce emissions by engaging our Financial Advisor network to become bullfrogpowered® and carbon neutral. After two years, 94 per cent of agency offices are enrolled in this program and are visibly demonstrating their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. This provides a platform to engage Canadians in conversations related to sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

For more information about our carbon footprint, see page 35 of our 2017 Integrated Annual Report and the Carbon Emission Inventory appendix.