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Medicine Hat is a city in southeastern Alberta, located along the South Saskatchewan River. Best known for its large natural gas fields, it’s also nicknamed "Gas City".

Rudyard Kipling immortalized this city when he visited in 1907 and told the Medicine Hat News, “This part of the country seems to have all hell for a basement, and the only trap door appears to be in Medicine Hat.” His “hell’s basement” euphemism was inspired by the plentiful fuel and natural gas found below this area.

Low taxes and utilities as well as affordable housing make Canada’s sunniest city a good place to raise a family. If you have roots here, our Co-operators friendly Financial Advisors in Medicine Hat can offer a hassle-free one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs in this city. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote, be it home insurance, car insurance or even life insurance.

It doesn’t take much time to settle into the leisurely pace of Medicine Hat. It also doesn’t take much time to realize that the city is home to countless hidden gems and attractions. It’s home, for example, to Saamis Tepee, the world’s largest tepee, which was built for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics as a tribute to Canada’s Indigenous heritage.

The Medicine Hat landscape is dominated by the river valley. Two tributaries flow into the South Saskatchewan River within the boundaries of the city and have cut a dramatic valley landscape with numerous cliffs, and finger coulees throughout the city. The Red Rock Coulee is the most popular for its unique hiking experience.

Situated approximately 169 kilometres east of Lethbridge and 295 kilometres southeast of Calgary, Medicine Hat is connected to both via Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) and Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3). 

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