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Choose your group retirement plan investments

When you choose the investments you want for your group retirement plan, the available options will depend on the group plan that your employer has selected. Your enrolment package and your online information will tell you which investments you can choose from.

Co-operators MFS LifePlan Retirement Funds

This fund will provide you with a diversified asset mix that matches your investment time horizon. You need to make only one decision: choose the fund closest to your planned retirement date.

The younger you are, the more you will have invested in stocks. Going forward, you’ll be on cruise control as one of Canada’s top fund managers, MFS Investment Management Canada Limited, will continuously manage your asset mix. Your fund will gradually become more conservative by moving out of stocks and more into bonds as your target retirement date approaches. This strategy protects your savings as retirement approaches. If you lack the time or knowledge required to manage your own investments, it’s comforting to know your asset mix is in the hands of experts.

Co-operators Heritage™ Portfolios

If you want an expertly designed portfolio, look no further. To help you select a portfolio, we have designed Investment profiles that reflects not only your investment time horizon, but also your investment knowledge, attitude and financial situation.

The Investment profiles will suggest a Heritage Portfolio that matches your investor style and risk tolerance level. There are five portfolios to choose from, ranging from conservative to very aggressive. Each portfolio consists of several underlying funds and diversifies between asset classes, geographic locations and fund managers. With this option, you need to review your investor profile at least annually. If your investor profile changes, you may need to switch to another portfolio that better suits your new profile.

Investment funds for “do-it-yourself” investors

In addition to The Co-operators MFS LifePlan Funds and Co-operators Heritage™ Portfolios, various individual investment funds from different managers are available that may be included in your plan. If you’re a more seasoned investor with special investment criteria or asset mix requirements, a hand-selected combination of individual funds may be more suited to your financial goals. Contact us directly or check your online account information to see if your plan includes this option.

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