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Investment options for group retirement plans

Diversification, liquidity and risk level are key considerations when determining which investment options to offer under your plan. As a plan sponsor, you also need to consider whether the plan needs long-term investment options for retirement, the number of investment options to offer, and the diversity and demographics of your plan members. With numerous funds to choose from, you have access to a range of investment styles and managers.

Group retirement plans are designed to make peoples’ lives better, including those who administer and sponsor the plan. Through our powerful yet simple online system, plan sponsors can:

  • Process contributions
  • Review plan activity statements and reports
  • Retrieve required forms
  • View member information

Your dedicated Retirement Services Specialist is also available to:

  • Measure employee satisfaction with the plan
  • Discuss industry trends, governance guidelines and legislative changes
  • Suggest potential plan recommendations
  • Assist with plan sponsor governance activities

Investment options

Your employees’ investment and retirement planning needs are as individual as they are, so we offer a wide range of options to suit their investment styles. You choose the plan, and your employees choose their funds. This makes plan administration easier and gives your employees the freedom to make their own investment choices.

One of Canada’s largest and longest standing investment management firms, MFS Investment Management Canada Limited, has developed “target date” funds, called LifePlan.

Through this option, plan members will benefit from:

  • a simple, one-step process for building a diversified portfolio
  • a diversified asset mix that matches their investment time horizon
  • continuous investment management by experts who rebalance their asset mix quarterly
  • a gradual reduction in investment risk as they approach their retirement date

A Co-operators MFS LifePlan Retirement Fund makes selecting the right investment easy because plan members need to make only one decision: choose the fund closest to their planned retirement date.