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Group retirement solutions that make sense

As a business leader, you know one of the keys to attracting and retaining top employees is to offer a high-quality retirement plan. A group savings plan helps employees save money for the future, while reducing and deferring taxes today. Plus, the investment you make in a group retirement plan is an investment you make in your organization, your employees and your reputation. Everyone’s a winner.

The Co-operators is the right choice

Choose The Co-operators, and we’ll work with your organization to provide the right group retirement plan. As a 100% Canadian-owned, multi-product insurance company, we have a long history of offering flexible group retirement solutions for companies of all sizes. You can count on our experienced plan advisers to give you the information, guidance and assistance you need to get your plan up and running, plus simple tools to help manage it moving forward.

Choose the type of plan you want to offer, and then let your employees drive the decision-making process as to how they want to invest their money. It really is that simple.

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