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Group payment protection

As a leader in financial services and insurance protection solutions, Co-operators partners with clients in the auto, finance, and retail sectors to provide comprehensive Payment protection Insurance coverage for your customers personal loans, lines of credits, mortgages, and credit card balances.

Our suite of Payment protection Insurance products, also known as Creditor’s Insurance, Creditor’s Group Insurance, or Credit Insurance, are designed for your client’s and adds a new level of protection used to pay out a mortgage or loan balance (up to the maximum specified in the certificate of insurance) or to make debt payments on the customer’s behalf in the event of death, disability, job loss or critical illness. Payment protection can be obtained for a variety of debt obligations, including mortgages, consumer loans, lines of credit and credit cards.

You can count on our team of insurance experts and our dynamic Payment protection product suite to help your customers meet their credit obligations if something unexpected happens.

Quebec residents, please refer to the Summary and Product Guide and Certificate of Insurance for complete terms and conditions.