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Claims rep takes action to help ailing client

Our employees work together to help Canadians and our communities, but sometimes the work of one person can make the greatest impact.

Leanne Watson is a Property Claims Representative. She’s one of the people you might speak with if you need to make a claim regarding property inside your home. Recently, a typical claim for a lost hearing aid turned out to be anything but routine for Leanne.

After calling the client to initiate the claim, Leanne noticed the client’s speech was incoherent. At times, the client was unable to form even basic words. Leanne kindly hung up the phone and quickly sought help. Separated by almost 800 km, with Leanne in Regina and the client near Edmonton, deciding what steps to take was a challenge.

First, Leanne contacted the local RCMP, who immediately offered their assistance. Next, Leanne searched the local phone listings for a matching surname. Luckily, she was able to reach a family member who could drive to the scene. Finally, discovering that the client lived in an assisted living complex, Leanne called the front desk and alerted them to the situation.

It turned out that the client suffered a mini-stroke while she was on the phone with Leanne. Thankfully, she recovered after receiving timely assistance and Leanne was able to replace her missing hearing aid.

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