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As a group insurance plan sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to help your group take care of themselves and the important things in their lives.

Help your employees feel good about the space they’re in

We spend most of our time at home, at work and in our cars. As an employer, you can encourage your employees to keep these spaces clean, organized and healthy to improve overall well-being.

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Support your employees’ mental health

Bust the stigma of mental health at work and discover ways to promote a culture that supports mental health in your workplace.

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Visit this page regularly to get tips you can share with your group on topics like road safety, work/life balance and more.

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Help your employees get their best sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to workplace performance. Make sure your employees are well-rested and healthy by sharing tips on how to get the best sleep, so they can stay motivated and productive.

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8 health and wellness trends for leading a balanced lifestyle

Leading a healthier, happier lifestyle begins with your employees finding something that interests them, suits their lifestyle and can be part of their long-term goals.

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Create wellness in your workplace

These 10 ways can help you create wellness in the workplace and encourage your employees to be their best.

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Did you know that a mentally healthy workplace is good for business?

Supporting employees in feeling their best is one of the most important steps you can take towards creating a positive work environment and retaining strong employees.

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Close the age gap in your workplace

Find out how to help your employees rise above generational differences, think outside their comfort zone and tackle problems together.

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Flood safety: before, during and after

Did you know extreme weather has caused more water damage in recent years? Show your group how they can get prepared and stay safe before, during and after a flood with this helpful infographic.

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Boost engagement with a Group Auto and Home Plan

The Co-operators values and strives to maintain high levels of employee engagement throughout our company. It’s the right thing to do, and the benefits also really pay off.