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Members can save on home insurance with preferred group rates and discounts. Get a quote and protect your home, condo or apartment, and everything in it.

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We’re a top-rated Canadian insurance company offering reliable coverage that fits your lifestyle. Our preferred rates are exclusive to group members, so you can pay less while protecting your home against fire, theft, flooding and more.

Why choose Co-operators for home insurance?

One-of-a-kind flood coverage

Protect your home from water damage caused by flooding with our industry-leading optional flood coverage.

Disappearing deductible

If you have a deductible of $1,000 or more, it will “disappear” by $100 each year you stay claims-free, all the way down to $0.

On-demand legal assistance

Legal help is free and convenient when you insure your property with us. Call our Legal Assistance Helpline at 1-855-953-1431 any time you need general legal support.

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Affordable insurance for home and condo owners

Most policies include the following coverage on top of basic home or condo protection.

Personal Property

Coverage for all the belongings you keep in your home.


This coverage helps you and your family pay for unintentional damage to another person’s property, or their medical fees if they get hurt.

Loss of Use

If you need to move out of your home while it’s being repaired after a claim, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Water

Protect your home and belongings against water damage from storm surge, sewer backup, or overflowing body of water.

Building Ordinance

Get extra help to pay for repairs if you have to bring your home up to current bylaw standards after it’s damaged.

Top up your home and condo coverage

Maximize your coverage with add-ons that fit your lifestyle.1

Claim Forgiveness

With this coverage on your policy, we’ll “forgive” your first claim on your principal residence, which means your premiums won’t increase.

Earthquake Damage

This coverage extends your policy to cover damage caused by earthquakes.


Get up to $50,000 to repair your home with environmentally responsible materials.

Flexible insurance for tenants

When you rent, your landlord’s policy typically doesn’t cover you. With tenant insurance, you can rest assured that you and your belongings are protected.

Helpful resources

Earthquake protection basics

Find out if you need protection from damaged caused by both naturally occurring earthquakes and those resulting from man-made causes, like fracking or mining operations.

All about condo insurance

Learn about what’s covered by your condo corporation, and what you need covered by your individual policy.

Top tips for a stress-free renovation

Prepare your home or condo for your next renovation while protecting your investment.

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Our licensed insurance representatives can help you build a personalized home insurance package that fits your needs.


As a renter, you likely aren’t covered by your landlord’s policy. People who rent their home rely on tenant insurance for liability coverage, as well as coverage for their personal possessions.

'If you own a condo, our condominium insurance packages provide your personal property and liability coverage. They also include unique coverage to meet the needs of condo life. Condominium Protection takes care of the essentials for condominium owners, such as your responsibility for common area damage, coverage for your unit improvements, and to help with shortfalls in your condominium corporation's policy. Our policy also covers amounts you may be required to pay for deductibles in your condominium corporation's policy. Read Condo insurance 101 to learn more.

Yes. You may need additional coverage during renovations. And the value of your policy and coverage may be affected by changes you're making to your home. Call our licensed insurance representatives at 1-800-387-1963 to make sure you're adequately covered.

If you have Damage Caused by Ground or Surface Water Including Sewer Backup coverage with your home insurance policy, then yes, you are covered. The amount of coverage will depend on the limit and deductible you chose for your policy. Call 1-800-387-1963 to discuss your coverage with a licensed insurance representative.

1 Coverage and products listed may vary depending on province. For complete coverage details, limitations and exclusions, please review your insurance policy. Your insurance policy will vary by province and will be used to determine whether or not, as well as the extent to which, benefits will be payable.

This website contains general information. Your insurance policy prevails if there is a discrepancy in the information presented.