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What’s in your Group Benefits plan?

If you’re a Group Benefits plan member, log in to Benefits Now® for Plan Members to access e-claim submission, and view your plan details or claims history.

Extended Health Care and Dental plans

Our Extended Health Care and Dental plans provide a wide range of benefits to protect plan members and their families.

Drug plans

We offer a variety of drug plan options to suit your needs and maximize your benefit dollars. All of our flexible plan design options are available for both reimbursement and pay direct drug plans.

Mental Health Care

Support your employees’ well-being and keep your organization strong with our Mental Health Care group benefit bundle. Mental Health Care coverage includes increased psychology benefit with $2,500 and $5,000 options, as well as expanded practitioners and treatment delivery methods.

Emergency Medical Travel Assist

Many of our Extended Health Care plans include 24-hour emergency medical assistance service for travellers. If plan members or their dependents have a medical emergency while travelling, they’re just a phone call away from a qualified representative who will be ready to help.

Emergency Out of Country Care 

Plan members travelling outside Canada are eligible for out-of-country emergency care for the period of time specified in your Group Benefits plan.* Because there is no coverage beyond that time, it’s a good idea to purchase additional travel insurance before leaving Canada to ensure complete emergency coverage.

Non-emergency claims for students studying outside Canada can be submitted on our Extended Health Claim form and are paid as if the expenses were incurred in the student’s home province.

*Check your benefit booklet for detailed information before travelling.

Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

Health Spending Accounts (HSA) are a flexible and cost-effective way for plan sponsors to provide health care coverage. Any expense that qualifies as a medical expense under the Income Tax Act or a private health services plan can be reimbursed by an HSA.

Personal Spending Account (PSA)

Personal Spending Account (PSA) - the ideal complement to existing Group Benefits plans – allow for a more robust, more flexible employee-rewards package. As a taxable benefit, they offer reimbursement for health- and wellness-related expenses that are not CRA eligible. Our PSAs include comprehensive Health and Fitness coverage, and let you customize your account by choosing from nine optional, add-on categories.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

In addition to Basic Group Life Insurance, plan sponsors may choose to offer Optional Group Life Insurance to members and spouses who want it and provide evidence of good health.

The Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit is generally sold together with Group Life. AD&D provides added financial assistance if, as the result of an accident, a plan member dies, suffers the loss of a limb, sight, hearing or speech, or becomes paralyzed. It also includes many additional benefits as well as optional plans.

Critical Illness

Help your plan members prepare financially for the unexpected with Group Critical Illness from Co-operators. Critical Illness insurance provides financial assistance to plan members who are diagnosed with a covered Critical Illness and survive the waiting period.


We offer a variety of disability management services to prevent or minimize plan member absence and provide an essential source of income during periods of disability. Both Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability benefits are available.

Wellness and prevention

Wellness Now provides you with tools and information to support and improve plan member health and productivity:

Wellness Now Online - Online health and wellness education for plan members. Online tools include assessments to evaluate lifestyle habits and self-guided online programs designed to help with relationships, mental health and physical wellbeing.

Wellness Now Prevention and Assistance Services - A series of integrated programs to help plan sponsors and plan members address plan member health, absenteeism and presenteeism. Services are available individually or in combination.

  • Here4You - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    An EAP gives your plan members and their dependents access to confidential counselling to help them deal with a variety of issues affecting health, family, work performance and more.
  • Second Opinion Consult
    The diagnosis of a serious illness is a time for clear answers, treatment options and hope. Second Opinion Consult offers your plan members access to a second opinion assessment from medical specialists at top North American hospitals. A team of specialists will review the plan member’s medical records and provide a report that confirms or modifies the original diagnosis and suggests treatment options based on the latest medical innovations.
  • Early Intervention
    A well-managed early intervention program is an investment in your plan members, your reputation and your bottom line. Identify the causes of plan member absence sooner rather than later with our early intervention programs.
  • Here4You@Work - Management Assistance
    This program offers people managers access to self-study training modules and confidential telephone coaching to develop concrete solutions to resolve issues that affect plan member performance. Here4You@Work is included in the Long Term Disability product at no additional cost for small group clients.
  • Virtual Health Care
    Virtual Health Care (VHC) provides plan members with convenient online access to primary health care, wherever they are in Canada. Medical professionals are available 24/7 to respond to health-care questions, reducing the need for members to schedule in-person appointments or spend time in emergency waiting rooms. All VHC services are confidential. Virtual doctors can requisition lab work and other diagnostic tests, and provide prescriptions and referrals. Patients who require an in-person assessment will be referred to an appropriate health-care facility.

Thinking bigger for small businesses

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You know first-hand that success depends on having all the right elements, including dedicated employees. Give your small business a competitive edge by attracting and retaining the best employees with a group benefits plan from Co-operators.

Designed especially for small businesses, GroupElements™ offers you the perfect mix of choice, simplicity and support.

  1. Choice – Build a plan that meets the unique needs of your business and your employees. As your business evolves, GroupElements™ can evolve with it.
  2. Simplicity – Take advantage of Benefits Now® for Plan Sponsors, our online administration system, to simplify the plan administration process.
  3. Support – Enjoy a more personal, caring approach to service. When you or your employees have questions, concerns or claims, we’re here to help.

If you're a small business owner, contact your local  Account Executive  to find out why GroupElements™ is the right choice for you.

ContinYou® GOLDEN
individual retiree health and dental coverage

ContinYou® GOLDEN provides an easy transition from a group health and dental plan to an individual health and dental plan for Canadian residents ages 50-75.

Within 60 days of their group coverage termination, retirees can apply for and purchase ContinYou® GOLDEN. A medical exam isn’t required, and coverage begins the first of the month after the day an application is approved.

Find out more about ContinYou® GOLDEN today.

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