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How to protect your benefits plan from rising costs

Escalating health care costs mean rising premiums, which means less benefits coverage for you and your family. Here are some ways that you can help control costs so your employer can continue to offer the best, affordable coverage:

  • Ask questions and make informed decisions about the health care services you purchase.

  • Ask your doctor or dentist for a generic form of a drug, which cost less and are just as effective as the brand-name versions.

  • Shop around for prescription drugs. Dispensing fees and other costs vary widely from pharmacy to pharmacy.

  • If a health care service provider is sending a claim form on your behalf, review the information on the form before signing. Your signature is confirmation that the bill is correct

  • If you’ve been hospitalized, check your invoice carefully. You should not be charged for ward, intensive care or critical care accommodation. You should only be charged for a semi-private room (two beds) or a private room (one bed) for the days actually spent in the room and only if you requested the room.

  • Ask whether Dental services such as checkups, cleaning, fluoride treatment and x-rays are necessary as often as they are being performed. If you have problem-free checkups, you may be able to plan for fewer visits.

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