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Wei (Willa) Hong

Willa has been working in the insurance industry since 2004. She is FPSC Level 1® certified in financial planning. With her years of experience in helping people with their financial security and growing their wealth portfolios, Willa is glad to provide great value to our clients in the Point Grey agency.

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The insurance professionals on our team are equipped with the latest information to help you better understand your policies and financial plans. You can trust them to ensure that your coverage and investments continue to meet your changing needs.

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Co-operatives like The Co-operators Group Limited connect their values to supporting the communities where they live and work. They are viable businesses that are more concerned with serving your needs than making money, and they look for ways to serve you better by creating ways for you to influence their business decisions. In return, they ensure you have the information you need to make choices that are best for you.

There are hundreds of co-ops benefiting Canadians across the country; all are strong businesses owned and operated by the members who use their services and governed based on shared values. Look for them in your community.

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