Take advantage of discounts and opportunities to save money on insurance and insurance-related spending.

Plan ahead

Each stage of life offers something new: get valuable information on buying life insurance, investing, planning for retirement and more.

Plan for life changes

Young driver auto insurance and tips

Have a young driver that needs insurance? Find out how you can save on premiums, and pass on a few safety tips that will help them now and in the future.

Investing for beginners

Getting started is the hardest part of investing. Get to know the basics and discover how to find your personal investment style.

Savings for children

The cost of post-secondary education is on the rise. Start saving early and reduce the financial stress of having children.

Buying life insurance young

Find out why buying a life insurance policy early in life can amount to large savings as you age, and ensure any future dependents will always be well protected.

Insurance for newlyweds

Aligning your insurance policies can save you money and ensure you’re receiving the coverage you need to protect the life you’re building together.

Plan for family milestones

New home insurance tips

Buying a new family home should be a great experience. Use these tips to make sure you have the right insurance coverage before and after you move.

Buying a new car

Get a step-by-step guide to buying a new car, including the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing and insurance considerations for your new vehicle.

Home renovation tips

With a little planning and preparation, you can make your home reno a smooth and stress-free experience. Use these tips to get ahead.

Plan for your financial future

RRSP basics for Canadians

Learn the fundamentals of this popular retirement savings tool, including how they help you save for retirement, how much you can contribute and more.

Segregated funds

Compare segregated funds and mutual funds and find out how you can benefit as an investor.

RESPs and saving for education in Canada

Take advantage of RESPs early to maximize contributions from the government and save enough for your children’s future.

Plan your financial future

Save time and get a complete overview of your financial goals and needs with our Future Success Planning® tool. Find out how to get started.

Tax and charitable donations

There are charity tax credits available with some charitable donations. Find out how you can benefit, and if your favourite charities are eligible.

Donating life insurance

Is there a charity you or your family is passionate about? Donating a life insurance policy can make a significant financial impact for an organization and their community.

Plan for later in life

Retirement planning

Get your retirement plan on track with three things you can start right now, and three tips to help you later in life.

Retirement tips for entrepreneurs

Retiring entrepreneurs have several decisions to consider. Here are a few tips and answers to common questions.

How inheritance works

Receiving an inheritance or planning to leave one can go smoothly if you know how the process works.

Making a will

The challenge of creating a will that clearly states your wishes for after you pass away is far less difficult than the challenge your loved ones will face if you do not have a will.

Losing a loved one

It’s one of life’s most stressful events. Take your time to manage your grief, and when the time comes, talk to us about what to do next regarding your insurance and finances.

Critical illness coverage

Critical illness insurance for adults and children provides financial support and stability that allows you to focus on your health and recovery.