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Segregated funds

Segregated funds are only offered by life insurance companies like Cooperators. They provide a level of financial security that is unmatched by other investments. Thats because a portion of your principal contribution your choice of 75% or 100% is guaranteed at the investments maturity date or the date of your death, whichever comes first.

Before you explore our offerings, feel free to review the segregated fund basics, including the benefits, how they work and how they compare to other investment vehicles.

What we offer

At Cooperators, we understand that life and financial needs can change. Our solutions are designed with that in mind. They allow you the flexibility to change guarantee levels up to three times over your lifetime. Our solutions include

Versatile Portfolios Navigator

Versatile Portfolios Navigator lets you invest in a variety of segregated funds (including four Responsible Investment Portfolios managed by NEI Investments), based on your risk tolerance and time horizon. And for as little as $50 per month. You can choose from three guarantee levels, depending on your need for capital protection: 75% on maturity and death; 75% on maturity and 100% on death; or 100% on maturity and death. Death and maturity benefit resets on the 100%-guarantee level will automatically lock in any investment growth at the new, higher level.

Aviator Portfolios

Aviator Portfolios is a slightly highertouch investment option, allowing you to diversify your portfolio, plan your retirement, leave a legacy, and protect your capital and your estate. You can choose from two guarantee levels depending on your need for capital protection 75% on maturity and death or 75% on maturity and 100% on death. Death benefit resets on the 100%guarantee level will automatically lock in any investment growth at the new higher level. Given the growth potential of equity markets, the security of capital protection, along with access to unique investment strategies, this comprehensive product is ideal for those with $100,000 or more to invest.

What else you should know

With our segregated funds, there are no hidden fees. Our management expense ratio MER is allinclusive and covers the cost of managing and operating the fund, including insurance fees.

To stay ahead of inflation, you can also take advantage of our Automatic Contribution Increase option, where you can elect to have your preauthorized debit plan contributions increase by up to 10% on each policy anniversary.

Ready to invest in segregated funds, but still not sure who to partner with? Heres why it makes sense to invest with Cooperators. 

Questions about segregated funds?

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Maturity and death benefit guarantees are not available upon surrender of the segregated fund policy and are proportionally reduced by any withdrawals from or investment transfer out of the segregated fund.

Subject to any applicable death and maturity guarantee, any part of the premium or other amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the policyholder and may increase or decrease in value. Contact your Advisor for details. Segregated funds are underwritten and administered by Cooperators Life Insurance Company.