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As a young adult, at the beginning of your career, you want to set the groundwork for a good financial future. Maybe you just don’t know where to start. At The Co-operators, we put people – and their needs – first. We can help you find the life insurance and investing solutions you need for a strong financial foundation.

Your needs

Having good Auto insurance is one thing. Realizing your greater financial goals – like travelling or buying your first home – requires planning. As part of that planning, consider what could happen if something were to happen to you:

  • Would your parents, other family members or co-signers be left with the responsibility of paying off your student loans or other debts?
  • Would you be financially supported, if you were suddenly unable to work? Does that include saving for your future?
  • What if your health isn’t as good in the future as it is now, and you’re not able to qualify for coverage when your needs increase?

Remember: Needs change as you experience significant life events, such as getting married or purchasing a home. Having an initial policy in place guarantees access to coverage in the future, when your need is greater – and even if your health situation has changed.

Your budget

A good, honest budget will ensure that you have enough for today, while allowing you to save for the future. As you take steps to build your financial foundation, it’s okay to have questions:

  • What’s the right type of life insurance to buy? Should you also consider disability or critical illness coverage?
  • How much coverage do you need?
  • How does it fit into your monthly budget?

Did you know? When it comes to life insurance, it’s cheaper and easier to qualify the younger and healthier you are.

Your Life

The Co-operators can help you find the right policy for your life – options that keep your planning simple and put your future on track. Here are steps that you can take today:

Start planning today! Having a solid life insurance plan in place makes it easier to focus on what matters most: enjoying today and saving for tomorrow.


A life like yours

Here are sample numbers to help you determine your own needs:

  • Student debt: $40,000
  • Car loan: $25,000
  • Final expenses: $15,000
  • Total coverage needs: $80,000
  • Less employer life insurance coverage: $0
  • Total additional coverage required: $80,000

Based on this information, you can protect yourself for as little as $8.62* per month.

*Under a Term Life 1 policy, female, non-smoker, age 18.

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