Think safe drivers deserve a reward? So do we.

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Sign up for the en-route Auto Program® to drive safer and save on your Auto insurance.*

It’s a free, usage-based car insurance telematics app that uses your smartphone to track your driving habits in real time. Save 5% on your Auto insurance right away when you sign up, and then from 0% to 25% at renewal* based on how safely you drive.

Use your phone to track and improve your driving according to real-time data, including:

  • How much you drive
  • How hard you brake
  • How hard you hit the gas
  • How much you drive late at night

The en-route app shows reports, maps and other driving summaries based on your data. You’ll be able to quickly identify ways to improve your driving habits and be rewarded for safe driving.


Sign up today and save 5% right away.

Download en-route today. You’ll save an initial 5% when you sign up, then enjoy discounts of up to 25% based on your driving results. The better your driving, the more your discount will grow at renewal*.

Find out more about the en-route Auto Program mobile app.


Click here to read the End User License Agreement for The Co-operators en-route Auto Program®.


Already an en-route device user?

Go to your my enroute dashboard to see details of your trips. Talk to your Financial Advisor if you want to switch to the en-route mobile program.

* Discounts will be adjusted at renewal based on your driving results. If at the time of your renewal you have not had the app installed for at least 185 days, or the app has been installed for 185 days but you have not driven at least 1,000 km during that period, your discount will stay at 5% for the following policy year. Please see the en-route Auto Program® terms and conditions for further details.

en-route Auto Program® is offered by and is a registered trademark of Co-operators General Insurance Company. Trademark used with permission. Auto Insurance is offered and underwritten by Co-operators General Insurance Company.