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At The Co-operators, we’ll work closely with you to help build your business by providing the benefit plan that’s right for your clients. We’ll help you create flexible and dynamic plans for your larger clients, and provide plans ideal for smaller groups with our Group Elements plans.

Contact your Account Executive to discuss plan options and how we can work together.

Review our products and services for more information.

Online services to help you

With Benefits Now® for Advisors online service, you can access the following:

  • Information about your groups

  • Contact information

  • Profile management tools

  • Links to our newsletters

You can also view commission statements, a list of in-force groups and their recent billing statements, and run current or historical reports including:

  • Premium and claims reports for all benefits

  • Payment summary by group: find out the dates and amount of payments received from clients

  • Various drug usage reports

  • Commission statements: electronic versions of statements available in one place for ease of access

The system also provides you with email links to your regional sales and service team, who are available when questions arise.

Check out Benefits Now® for Advisors today and contact the Group Client Service Centre at 1-800-667-8164 if you require assistance with your online services.

Get the latest information

Our regular newsletters are packed with the latest product information and tips for group benefits brokers, administrators and sales professionals. For more helpful advice on insurance, including safety and prevention tips, visit our Resource centre.

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