Promote wellness with a wide choice of programs for your clients

When plan sponsors get us involved earlier in claims, we can help get employees back to work sooner after medical-related absences. We can identify and address the non-medical reasons that contribute to plan member absence and resolve the situation before it progresses.

Our range of wellness services gives your clients access to expert tips and strategies to reduce the number of long-term disability claims among their plan members:

Wellness Now™ Online

This free website offers health and wellness education and tools for plan members, including:

  • Questionnaires to evaluate lifestyle habits
  • An electronic personal health record
  • Health library
  • Goal setting tools

Wellness Now Prevention and Assistance Services

This service, also free of charge, is a series of integrated programs to help your clients and their plan members address plan member health, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Wellness Now Insights

Depending on the type and amount of information plan sponsors need about their plan members, this program is available as either a free service or a fee-based version.

Option 1: No charge program

Your clients will receive a series of email templates to send to their plan members to encourage them to complete the Wellness Assessment on Wellness Now™ Online.

The assessment gives plan members their unique wellness profile based on the information they’ve provided (e.g. lifestyle, medical history, stress, etc.). The profile includes information about their health risk factors, tips and tools to make manageable changes, and the benefits associated with the positive choices they’ve already made.

If a minimum of seven plan members complete the online assessment during the campaign period, which typically runs two to four weeks, plan sponsors will receive a free aggregate report highlighting the main areas of risk for their workforce. They can use this information to develop health campaigns that address the specific risks and needs of the group.

Option 2: Fee-based program

If your clients want more in-depth information about the health and wellness of their workforce, they can purchase an enhanced campaign package that includes:

  • customized reporting
  • a review of the report package by our wellness partner
  • revisions to the wellness assessment
  • a tailored approach to the delivery and promotion of the employee email campaign

Employee Assistance Program

Clients can purchase the Posaction Employee and Family Assistance Program for their benefits plan. It offers plan members confidential counselling to help them deal with a variety of issues affecting health, family, work performance and more.


Second Opinion Consult gives plan members access to a second-opinion assessment from medical specialists at top North American hospitals. Available for a fee.

For more information on these programs, including fee structures, contact your Co‑operators representative today.