2017 Sanofi Survey highlights

Each year, Sanofi Canada conducts a national survey to determine the effectiveness of Canada’s employer-sponsored benefits plans and how satisfied the country’s workforce is with these plans. The survey is a valuable tool that helps plan sponsors make decisions about which kind of health coverage to include in their plans.

This year’s survey obtained feedback from 1,500 plan members, as well as 450+ plan sponsors. Emerging trends include:

Workplace wellness programs help boost plan value – 63% of employees with access to wellness programs at work indicate their benefits plan meets their needs. Conversely, only 46% of employees without access to these programs gave their plans top ratings. Employees with wellness programs also feel a stronger desire to help their employers control plan costs.

Employees want a personal approach – In 2017, 70% of respondents indicated they’re open to receiving targeted health information based on their personal claims history. In 2016, just 58% we’re interested in this approach. This indicates that employees are less concerned about protecting this personal information, and are more concerned with how insurers can use it to help them.

Plan sponsors underestimate chronic conditions – While 57% of plan members indicate they’re currently dealing with at least one chronic disease, plan sponsors believe only 32% of their workforce is affected by such conditions. This could lead to plan sponsors underestimating the impact that chronic diseases will have on both productivity and claims in the future. Plan sponsors should be looking to help facilitate early detection by holding health risk screenings onsite in the workplace, which a vast majority of plan members indicated they would use.