iCBT now an eligible expense for plan members

The emergence of digital health care offerings will have a large impact on the group benefits industry – leading to unprecedented access for patients and savings for health care providers.

We recognize the benefits that digital health care offers to plan sponsors and members. As of January, we’re now one of the first group benefits providers to offer Internet-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (iCBT) as an eligible expense. Plan members whose paramedical coverage includes psychologists can claim iCBT expenses under their Extended Health Care plan. This provides members with an alternative means to access therapist support.

Plan members can access iCBT through a link on Benefits Now® for Plan Members. There, they can learn how the program works, how to enrol and the cost. Once enrolled, plan members work through a series of modules under the guidance of a therapist.

Plan members are charged in increments as they progress through the program. The total cost of the initial assessment and 10 modules is $400, payable by credit card. iCBT expenses are included under the paramedical practitioner maximum for psychologists.

For more information about our iCBT offering, contact your Co-operators Group Benefits Representative.