Why one should consider Generic Drugs

The word “generic” can imply that something is second-rate. Fortunately, Health Canada ensures that generic drugs are equivalent to brand-name options. Many factors contribute to the higher price of brand-name drugs, such as the cost of marketing and development. This work is already done by the time the original drug’s patent expires, allowing other companies to offer their version at a lower price. Since these drugs are a true equivalent, in no way are the ingredients or results lower quality.

Plan members may choose brand name based on name recognition, because the difference in their co-pay is minimal, or because they are simply unaware. Educating our clients and encouraging plan members to request generic drugs instead will help ensure the long-term affordability of their Group Benefits plan.

Due to the associated cost savings, we are moving toward mandatory generic substitution as our standard for all groups. We will, however continue to provide options for plan sponsors who prefer more comprehensive drug coverage.


Your Group Benefits clients have the opportunity to control drug plan spending and protect the sustainability of their Extended Health Care plan with a new evidence-based drug plan option.

Anti-fraud initiatives protect your clients

The Co-operators is working with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to provide input into the anti-fraud task force within the Ontario Auto Association. This initiative is another way we are demonstrating our commitment to protecting your clients.