Investing in technology: here’s what we offer

At The Co-operators, we invest in technology and system improvements, taking into consideration the feedback we receive from our clients and advisors. We have a variety of platforms and programs available to best suit plan member and plan sponsor needs.

Please take every opportunity to showcase these offerings to your clients and business partners.

For plan members

We have a variety of self-serve options available for plan members to use:

Benefits Now®

Is available in both website and mobile app format. We offer secure logins and 24/7 availability in both English and French. It allows plan members to:

  • Submit health and dental claims electronically for faster processing and reimbursement.
  • Access coverage and claims information, including summaries and benefit maximums.
  • View drug cards and emergency medical travel assistance information.

On the Benefits Now® website, plan members can get answers to their questions through secure online messaging.

NexgenRx® and Provider claims submission

The online claims technology we use allows pharmacies, dental offices, vision care and paramedical providers to conveniently submit claims directly to The Co-operators on behalf of plan members.

Wellness NowTM online

This tool provides plan members with health assessments designed to evaluate overall health and show the benefit of healthy lifestyle choices. It includes online resources and personal challenges to encourage healthier choices that are sustainable.

For plan sponsors

We strive to make the administration process easy and convenient for our plan sponsors. Our web-based administration tool, Benefits Now® for Plan Sponsors:

  • Reduces paperwork
  • Offers an intuitive enrolment process and self-serve reporting
  • Provides access to monthly e-bills, administration manuals, e-learning courses, updates and forms

Our claims adjudication and administration systems provide:

  • Quick confirmation of plan member coverage when a change to their status is made.
  • A single-platform for health, drug and dental claims, which allows for a higher degree of auto-adjudication of health and dental claims.

For advisors

Benefits Now® for Advisors is an on online reference system which provides electronic access to:

  • Group listing and bills, commission statements, reports, and benefits booklets.
  • Product and service information updates.
  • E-learning courses.

Our quoting and renewal systems are secure web tools that our underwriters use to automate quoting and renewal functions.

Here is more detailed information you can share with plan sponsors and business partners about the technology we offer.

Student Eligibility form updates

Make sure plan sponsors are aware of best practices for submitting Student Eligibility forms and that they take note of updates to the process.