The rising cost of drugs and how Reformulary can help

Reformulary is an innovative, evidence-based drug plan that helps to keep plan costs low. Find out how.

How we’re helping plan members improve their mental health

Our Group Benefits products work to enhance the resiliency of plan members – and all Canadians – by offering ongoing mental-health support. Learn how.

Get ready for Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. See what we’re doing to prevent benefits fraud and what you can do to help.

We’re adding PSAs to our group benefits offerings

We’re adding PSAs to our group benefits offerings

Personal Spending Accounts (PSAs) offer flexible solutions for wellness-related expenses. Find out how.

Investing in technology: here’s what we offer

Discover the programs and platforms we’re investing in to make things easier for plan sponsors and members. Find out more.

New CPP disability benefit available for retirees

Make sure your plan sponsors are aware of the new CPP Post-Retirement benefit and how plan members can apply through our CPP advocate. Show me more.

Student Eligibility form updates

Make sure plan sponsors are aware of best practices for submitting Student Eligibility forms and that they take note of updates to the process.

The industry’s response to national pharmacare

Learn about the recommendations put forward for a national drug plan and how the industry is engaging in the conversation.

Medical cannabis coverage available for groups with 11-99 lives

Medical cannabis coverage has been expanded to include groups with 11-99 lives, upon plan sponsor request.

Working together to maintain effective and sustainable drug plans

Learn how we work with our partners to maintain effective and sustainable drug plans, and how we ensure our drug management solutions are successful.

New EI parental sharing benefit

Learn about the new EI sharing benefit, made effective March 17, 2019.

2017 Sanofi Survey highlights

Discover emerging trends and plan member feedback from the survey designed to determine the effectiveness of employer-sponsored benefits plans.


Your Group Benefits clients have the opportunity to control drug plan spending and protect the sustainability of their Extended Health Care plan with a new evidence-based drug plan option.

Why one should consider Generic Drugs

Health Canada ensures that generic drugs are equivalent to brand-name options. Many factors contribute to the higher price of brand-name drugs, such as the cost of marketing and development.

Anti-fraud initiatives protect your clients

The Co-operators is working with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to provide input into the anti-fraud task force within the Ontario Auto Association. This initiative is another way we are demonstrating our commitment to protecting your clients.