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Connecting to our community

At The Co-operators, we believe the world is a better place when we take care of the things that matter most. We help build stronger, safer communities by actively supporting issues like distraction-free driving, mental health, flood safety, and sustainability.

Ask us about our community involvement and our national safety initiative Drive out Distraction. Distracted driving is a factor in one in every four crashes and is increasingly putting our communities at risk. We all play an important role in making our roads safer and you can help by taking our distraction-free driving pledge.

Check out some of our other partnerships like In Your Face and Interactive with award-winning drummer Mitch Dorge from the Crash Test Dummies (available in English only); and Kids Help Phone. Both help support and educate young people in our communities.

In 2015, The Co-operators contributed $5.8 million to support Canadian community groups.

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