Preferred rate on health assessments available

Your employees’ health and well-being play an essential role in keeping your business running smoothly. You and your employees are eligible for a preferred rate that offers substantial savings on an Annual Health Assessment with Medcan, one of the world’s largest providers of preventative health care.

What is an Annual Health Assessment?

Far more than a typical yearly check-up, an assessment with Medcan provides a detailed picture of a participant’s current health and potential future risks. This valuable insight allows participants to proactively manage their health.

An assessment includes:

  • 15 diagnostic and screening tests completed in one five-hour session, with confidential results provided the same day
  • Personal consultation with a Medcan physician with advice on how to improve specific areas of health
  • If required, Medcan will work immediately to arrange appointments with specialists for further attention

How does it work?

With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of over 65 physicians and specialists, Medcan is an industry leader and Canada’s largest professional healthcare clinic focused on preventive medicine and wellness. Plan members can book assessment appointments for Medcan’s Toronto clinic, or with affiliated clinics across Canada, by phone or email. When they use the code coop2016, they’re eligible for a $500 discount off the retail fee of $2,795.

Reimbursement for employees

Plan members pay the fee and are reimbursed through your plan on a cost-plus basis. This may provide the additional benefit of an eligible expense under the Medical Expense Tax Credit.

For more information, contact the Group Client Service Centre or your Group Benefits Advisor.

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