A mentally healthy workplace: good for employees and good for business

The impacts of work play a part in shaping our identity and well-being. Contributing to the health, productivity and engagement of staff can be one of the biggest challenges for employers. While physical health has long been a focus for employers, it’s now more evident that mental health is just as important.

Many Canadians who deal with mental health issues don’t get the help they need because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Eventually, this can decrease efficiency in the workplace or increase absenteeism, resulting in poor employee engagement and reduced profitability for you as an employer.

We believe the workplace is a pathway to positive mental health for our employees, our clients and our communities. As your Group Benefits provider, we can help you create a healthy workplace by providing mental wellness education, as well as innovative products and services that support the well-being of your employees.

As we explore ways to support mental wellness in the workplace, we’ll provide you with resources, products and services to help your employees sustain positive mental health at work, home and in their communities.

Stay tuned for more information over the course of 2017. Together, we can make a mentally healthy workplace a reality.

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