Keep your plan information up to date

Remember to complete these simple administrative tasks, so your plan members continue to enjoy their benefits plan to the fullest.

Complete student eligibility forms by June 30, 2018

To ensure that students continue to receive their benefits, it’s important to complete student eligibility forms and provide current records that verify student status by June 30 each year of enrolment.

We depend on you and your plan members to verify that eligible dependents are covered under the plan and to inform us of any changes in status within 31 days.

Name beneficiaries

Remind plan members to add or change their beneficiary information and consider:

  • When naming primary or contingent beneficiary(s), the shares must equal 100%.
  • When naming a child who isn’t of legal age as a beneficiary, we recommend naming a trustee.
  • If no beneficiary is named, proceeds of life insurance will be paid to the estate and may be subject to taxes.

Provide evidence of good health

When a plan member qualifies for an amount of insurance between the Non-Evidence Maximum (NEM) and Overall Maximums, remind them they must apply for the excess amount by providing evidence of good health for approval. NEMs are the highest amount of coverage a plan member can have without providing evidence of good health.

Approval of excess coverage will increase premiums. Should the plan member choose to lower their amount of insurance back to the NEM, they must make their request in writing to the Group Client Service Centre.

Sign up for Benefits Now® for Plan Sponsors

Plan administrators can process plan member enrolments, salary changes, plan member terminations, changes in marital status, and the addition or removal of dependents through Benefits Now for Plan Sponsors if it’s done within 31 days of the add/change/termination.

Call our Group Client Service Centre for more information about this convenient self-service option.