Invest in the mental health of employees

Investing in mental health is nothing new for employers. According to the Workplace Wellness Trends: 2019 Survey Report, since 2014 there’s been a 39% increase in the inclusion of wellness benefits as standard offerings in benefits packages. Employers recognize the investment in mental health and wellness-related benefits aren’t only good for their employees, they’re good for business.

For employers, improved mental health and wellness offerings in their benefits plans means mitigating risk factors in the workplace that can lead to various conditions and impact overall healthcare costs. Although mental health and wellness programs are costly, employers who choose to invest in these programs see improved personal health and professional growth in their employees, compared to those who choose not to invest in these programs.

The Co-operators Group Benefits offers several mental health and wellness programs, such as:

  • Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ICBT)
  • Mental Health Disability management
  • Early Intervention Service
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • Second Opinion Consult
  • Personal Spending Account (PSA)


It’s important for employers to invest in mental health to remain competitive when recruiting top talent and maintaining staff engagement and retention levels.

For more information on our mental health offerings, contact your Group Benefits Advisor.